• Canoe trip on the river Leine
    Photo: Harry Ollenburg
  • Riding
    Photo by Carola Baer
  • Drive carriage
    Photo by Klaus-Friedrich Klose
  • Play minigolf
    Photo by myself
  • Bathing fun in the outdoor pool
    Photo by myself
  • Play Golf
    Photo by Golfclub 7-Bege e.V.
  • Flying on the Ith
    Photo by myself
  • Time for adventure - Rasti-Land
    Photo by Freizeit- und Erlebnispark Rasti-Land



Discover the Leinebergland from above!

You have the opportunity to discover the Leinebergland from above! On Ith there are several air sports clubs looking forward to your visit!
Contact us at Tel. No .: 05534-2453 (airfield at the weekend)

Have fun!

Canoeing on the river Leine

If you like canoeing, you are in the right place!
Canoe rides are possible, upon prior notification to Harry Ollenburg, Tel. 0174 3752865. Please note that it is only necessary to check if boats are available, so please register early enough!


Horse riding

If you want to horseback, will find in Wetteborn. Especially interesting for the little vacationers, because the farm "Sternchen riding paradise" also holds ponies.

Drive carriage

If you like carriage rides, you are in good hands with klaus-Friedrich Klose in Eberholzen. A carriage ride through the Siebenberge will provide you with an unforgettable experience!


Miniature golf

Fancy a round of mini golf? In addition you have ample opportunity in the Leinebergland! You can play miniature golf in the following cities:

  • Delligsen - Am Freibad 1a
    Gronau (Leine) - Kuhmasch
  • Lamspringe: Klosterüark

Outdoor pool

The highlight in the Leinebergland is of course our Bruchsee. It was created by lignite mining.


In addition, you will find outdoor pools in the following cities:

  • Delligsen - Am Freibad 1a, 31073 Delligsen
  • Duingen: Hallenbad, Duinger Sport Club e. V, Lübecker Str. 1c, 31089 Duingen
  • Freibad Marienhagen, Förstergasse 4A, 31089 Duingen, OT Marienhagen
  • Elze (Leine), Freibad 2, 31008 Elze
  • Freden (Leine) - Schildhorster Str. 12, 31084 Freden (Leine)
  • Gronau (Leine) - Kuhmasch 2, 31028 Gronau (Leine)
  • Banteln: Naturbad Banteln, Rottebachweg 1, 31028 Gronau (L)., OT Banteln
  • Eime: Blaue Lagune, Elzer Weg 1, 31028 Gronau (L)., OT Eime
  • Lamspringe - Waldbad Lamspringe, Ahornallee 14, 31195 Lamspringe
Have fun!


Playing Golf

Are you in the mood for a round of golf? No problem, the Golfclub 7-Berge Rheden e. V. offers you an 18/9 hole course in the most beautiful surroundings.


Time for adventure - Rasti-Land

The Rasti Land in Salzhemmendorf is a family-friendly amusement park with approx. 160,000 m² in southern Lower Saxony on the edge of the Weserbergland. The park has been family-owned since its opening in July 1973. The Rasti country has an average of eight months a year open. It is suitable for families with children aged 0 to about 14 years.

Source: Wlikipedia

Fancy a ride on the historic railway?

Then you are in the right place in Segeste. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Historische Eisenbahn e. V. is looking forward to you!
Get in touch! Tel. 05121 261388 and drive to Almstedt!

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